At last…

dorothea diba illustrations

…a calendar!


Always have I wanted to make my own calendar with my drawings on it and without the help of a friend of mine, Chandra Sembiring, I would not be able to make it at all! So I thank him for all his patience, time and energy (all those overnight hours working on the calendar, all those understandings and attention on what I want and need – thank you for being a helping hand, being all ears, and the amazing support whenever I gave up).

This wall calendar had already been ordered by many and along with my grateful feelings to those who made their purchases, I would also like to thank Mbak Sophie – Andara from “Dekat Rumah” for the bindings, my amazing Mother and Brother for the never-ending support and the knowledge I need, and of course, I am thanking myself for the will to carry on. 🙂

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